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Posted at 9:15 AM on January, 25 2017



The CollegeOnomics Guide Book

This book is unique in many ways. For one, it is only sold on our site at Now let’s leave the jokes aside and get to the crux of it!

CollegeOnomics is the result my life-long endeavor designed to enable just about anyone with atleast average intelligence and motivation to complete a quality US college degree, quickly, and for very little money. This passion stems from my personal experiences as a college student when I overcame incredible odds to make it successfully through college! We have intentionally priced this book really low, in exchange for a lifetime’s worth of actionable information on affordable US college education.

To summarize, here are some key facts and benefits of this eBook:

  • It is an end-to-end DIY (do-it-yourself) college guide book. If you grasp everything in this e-book, you will have with you all information for completing an affordable, non-traditional US college education.
  • We are neither affiliated with any colleges nor do we conduct any college courses, or or exams ourselves. That makes us uniquely qualified to provide you with raw, unbiased information. Simply put, we succeed only when you succeed!
  • We have been along the flexible college path ourselves, so we understand what it takes, and can guide you with all the nitty-gritty details!
  • We’ve conducted years of research to bring you the CollegeOnomics e-book, so you can be rest-assured our information is objective and thorough!

This e-book is available for sale currently. We will also be adding more solutions to make your college journey successful and cost-effective in the near future!

It’s up to you to take the first step. Before you do anything else, please know that completing college is simple, affordable, and straight-forward. It only turns out to be more complicated and expensive due to the vast amounts of misinformation that is routinely churned out by the system! Therefore, you need to have an open mind to be able to question the inadequacies of the traditional higher education system. We have a great college solution, but we can only share our solution with you if you are open and receptive to an alternative approach! 

Now here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect to find in the college guide book:

  • An overview of the pitfalls of the higher education system in the United States
  • Evaluating your key strengths and identifying ways to use them in rewarding occupations and degree options
  • Some key strategic approaches to college, so as to make it fit your needs precisely
  • Providing you the ability to leverage all your prior learning with this college transfer guide
  • Ways to earn college credits, starting with many which are totally free, followed by low-priced options
  • A thoroughly-researched information of key colleges that offer such affordable and flexible means of earning a college degree
  • A step-by-step comparison of a flexible college education versus a traditional one
  • Managing your finances and lifestyle during your college years

After purchasing and reading the e-book, if you still have additional questions, feel free to send the enquiries our way! We will do our best to answer your queries, either by reply email, or through our blog articles, or via our future CollegeOnomics solutions.

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