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10 reasons why a non-traditional college degree is so very important!

Free yourself from the entrapment! 

Posted at 1:15 PM on March, 25 2016


Don’t you oftentimes feel that everyone around you is trying to tell you how to live your life? Well that’s how I’ve always felt, totally bound by my social conditioning, and yet trying to break away from the same beliefs that prevent me from living my life!

Many of us feel intensely about this at some critical point in our lives! Then social pressures increase and we are slowly (but surely) led back into the systemized plan that everyone else seems to be following. Study dutifully until high school, take a huge student loan, then attend college, take a good job, listen to your boss and do what he/she says and so on it goes!! How is it that you are expected to be an exact carbon-copy of everyone else that came before you? Are we all machines and robots with no feelings of our own? What are we so afraid of?

Though these questions are tempting, the issue can appear very complicated after years and years of social conditioning. And yet it is all so simple. The schooling system (and beyond) do not just teach us science, mathematics, history and so on, they teach us many other things which are very intrusive. They tacitly teach us that certain ways of behavior are acceptable and that some others are not. They tell us that we should guard against speaking our minds and instead, say and do things that will help us win the favor of those who have more power than us. It sometimes teaches us that certain cultures and people are more popular than others, and are therefore more inclined to be heard. A lot of these belief systems turn out to be utterly wrong and are simply a set of thoughts that are thrust on us by the society we live in.

College is no exception to this systemized manner in which our societies are set up. But there is an important distinction between school and college. College is a time of a greater number of options and also a time when you move from being a kid, or teenager, to the point of being called an “adult”. You are able to open a bank account, get a car maybe, along with a few other such perks of being an adult. Therefore, it could also be a time when you explore or pursue alternative approaches for completing a college degree.

Here are 10 key advantages of completing a non-traditional college degree:

1) You are not stuck to one way of thinking, and are able to think for yourself, outside of the crowd

2) A fully accredited US college degree becomes a lot more affordable and inexpensive for you

3) You have much more control of your schedules and can self-determine your study and relaxing/fun time

4) You learn to be more responsible and to question things in the education system, so you can focus on what works best for you

5) Within the degree curriculum, you can choose courses and topics that are of greater interest to you

6) No need to be stuck in one town or city for the duration of your college studies, the world can become part of your college experience

7) Anything you might have studied say 5 or 6 years ago can still be re-applied for your current college degree. None of your previous college studies will be wasted and you can leverage all of your learning in one place!

8) Since there are so many ways to getting college credits, you might actually complete your college degree a whole lot quicker

9) If you choose, you can even work while you are studying for your college. All this can be done effortlessly and with no lost sleep!

10) Since you would not undergo much social conditioning similar to other traditional colleges, you will be inclined to making better career choices and better life choices for yourself after completing college!



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