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Posted at 5:00 PM on January, 6 2017


Less Dollars for Your Degree, With More Quality and Reputation 

College Search, to any prospective student, is a very daunting endavour. At CollegeOnomics, we are all about equipping you to get the most flexible US college degree at a price and time frame that is markedly lower than traditional college. We do not teach the college courses, nor do we award any college degrees. Our service is primarily focused around many innovative strategies and time-tested approaches to earn college credits that count towards your accredited college degree awarded by a US college. Many of these colleges have been around for decades and offer a US college degree for a fraction of the cost.  We refer to these colleges as flexible colleges as the flexibility they offer for diverse student backgrounds and lifestyles is their defining characteristic. 

 What are your criteria for choosing your flexible US college? Here are our criteria for evaluating colleges and degree programs:

  1. The college degree awarded should be of high quality and accredited
  2. Total cost of the degree should be affordable
  3. The degree should have a good ROI and worth the money
  4. The degree should be easily translatable to career options
  5. The degree should allow you to pick and choose your favorite courses or topics of study
  6. The degree should be flexible whereby you can study WHEN you want, HOW you want, and WHERE you want to study
  7. Many forms of college learning should be equally acceptable for college credits
  8. Through the above ways, it should pave the way for a speedier completion of the college degree

There are several colleges out there that are very transfer-friendly (for credits transfer) and some even award credits for life experience. Upon reviewing 100's of colleges across the US, we have gathered that there are atleast one or more colleges in most US states that offer some of this flexibility in their college degrees. Many major colleges and universities have an external programs division that caters to students that require this flexibility. They allow the transfer of a larger number of prior college credits. They have zero to minimal residency requirements, thereby enabling students to be located anywhere in the country or across the world.

Now if there are so many relatively flexible colleges all across the US, then what is it that CollegeOnomics provides beyond this? All you need to do is to search and find a flexible college in your current location and then enroll into such a college degree program. Well not quite and here's the catch! Appearances can be very deceptive and many colleges out there appear to be affordable and flexible, but are not truly so.

Some of these colleges claim they are transfer-friendly, but then ask students to write huge essays explaining why they want their prior credits transferred instead of re-doing the course all over again at their college. Then these essays are submitted to a college governance body that makes the final determination on accepting the credits for transfer, irrespective of whether those credits are from an accredited source or not. Only after this approval does the evaluation of the college credits actually occur.

Most colleges have so many policies, procedures, departments and ways of doing things that the information is rarely streamlined, and students are forced to navigate this sea-of-confusion instead of merely focusing on completing their degrees! I've known many students who have had to unnecessarily waste many semesters of studies taking on unwanted courses, all because the college student guidance counselors provided them inconsistent information that ultimately ended up misleading the students. 

The bottom-line is, a successful college education starts with an effective college search that lets you take control of your college degree from the very start. With a little awareness and some smart upfront planning many of the roadblocks mentioned in the preceeding paragraphs can be averted. 

We at CollegeOnomics have created an eBook that is packed with information on specific ways to earn college credits, and also very specific colleges and institutions that can provide you with the maximum flexibility and affordability of your college degree. It has taken us years to conduct our research. With this do-it-yourself guide, you will learn many strategies to save thousands of dollars on your college education. Since we want as many students as possible to benefit with these strategies, we are offering it at a nominal cost. This DIY guide has the complete ins-and-outs for completing such a flexible college degree, where you will be in charge of your college and benefit from it enormously.

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