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Posted at 1:30 PM on August, 9 2016


The objective of the eBook is to provide you with the knowhow for successfully completing an accredited US college degree, for the least amount of money and also in a much shorter timeframe. Also, the book goes in-depth into preparing you for college. It explores what college would offer you, how to address any issues before starting college, and then prepares you for college. It also helps you to choose the right college and then enables you to quickly and easily accumulate the right college-level credits. Overall, the book not only addresses successful college completion, but also lays a firm foundation for a good career afterwards. 

College funding is one of the key issues in the present times. To this end, in this book, we go into numerous ways for acquiring college credits on a small budget. It is phenomenal the extent of flexibility that we can create in our college programs. But most of us do not have the slightest clue as to how to go about it, or even where to begin such an affordable and flexible program. All of this mystery will be unfolded in the eBook with step-by-step instructions. Worksheets will be provided so you can summarize all your current and past learning. Tables and charts are provided so you can pick and choose the right college, the right college program and the individual courses required for your degree completion. 

But why are so many students going the traditional college degree route, inspite of the high expense and other hurdles? One of the primary reasons seems to be the lack of information on the alternatives to a traditional brick-and-mortar college. Even where alternatives are provided such as online degrees or such, these tend to be as expensive as the brick-and-mortar traditional colleges. There is also so much misinformation out there by all the profit-making colleges and the whole educaiton system itself, that is becomes nearly impossible to find a truly affordable and good quality college degree program. Well, wait no more, all the secrets will be revealed, and soon you will find a college degree that is truly worth pursuing! All of this can be done with zero student loans and reduced college expenses. 

There are so many free and low-cost courses, books and other study materials. You would be simply amazed at the amount of freely available resources out there! There are also so many portals and educational sites from reputed professors and universiites out there! These provide all the knowledge you would need in several areas such as finance, technology, business and much more. 

Online courses such as Coursera and EdX make it possible to receive verified certificates from prominent universities such as Duke, Stanford or Berkeley. Many of these certificates can be used to directly get college credits at an accredited and flexible college through ACP/ ACE (Alternative Credit Project/ American Council on Education). For any courses that do not directly award ACE college credits, they can be used for college credits at your college , via a process known as “Prior Learning Assessment”. Additionally, these certificates can be used to showcase your learning with prospective employers. Most employers tend to be highly impressed with such certificates from a top US university or college. Many of these online MOOC courses involve both peer interaction with other students, and also provide an opportunity to get assistance from the college/ university professors. 

 Started With Your DIY guide for an Affordable College Degree Solution

For many students, this is a good DIY guide for a start-to-finish affordable college degree solution. Commonly made mistakes are also highlighted, so that you can avoid such pitfalls and go for a faster an less expensive degree completion. But in case you need further assisstance, we will also be coming up with a web solution that will enable ou to build your custom roadmap for your college degree completion. Watch for these exciting notifications in the coming months!


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