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It is true! -- You can get your accredited US college degree without enrolling in a fulltime college


Posted at 10:15 AM on January, 17 2017


Success or Failure With College Rests on One Simple Decision Many years ago, I was struggling to start college but did not  have  the financial means for doing so. I ended up taking  up several  college-level courses but was unable to enroll  into Fulltime College. Due to personal circumstances, I also could not take any student loans for college. Through  some luck and my passion for  computers, I was able to get  a well-paying fulltime job. I was also able to complete a  college degree by distance by studying in my spare time. But this was not a 4yr degree and the lack of a professional 4yr degree kept haunting me and was impeding my career progress. Though I had completed a lot of learning, I did not have a Bachelor’s degree to prove it. 

Through a lot of research, I came across some flexible and accredited US colleges that could translate most of my learning. I was able to get my prior college courses transferred into credits at my flexible college. I completed several CLEP exams for additional credits. I was also able to get my work experience translated into college credits via portfolio assessment. These esteemed flexible colleges value all learning and do not see learning as being possible only in a classroom setting, or via textbooks.  In fact, all of life is a process of learning! Even hobbies or volunteer experience, or many other ways of acquiring knowledge can be translated into college credits. 

But one thing I did not have even with my flexible college is unbiased guidance outside of the counseling provided by my college itself. You see, even though flexible colleges offer a valuable service; they are still likely to be more positively biased towards their own college-level courses and services. During my studies, without right guidance, there were times when I was on the verge of giving up. This experience made me realise how getting unbiased guidance can mean the difference between success and failure.

At CollegeOnomics, through our eBook and articles, we provide you unbiased actionable insights for completing your flexible and accredited college degree. Since we do not offer the degree or the courses ourselves, our only motivation is to provide you with objective information for affordable college degree success. 

Since there are so many ways to earn college credits, if you are planning to go back to school, my most important suggestion to you would be to carefully document all your learning. Go back to all your college courses and any other things you learned after high school. Note down when you acquired the learning, for how long, compare them to college learning or CLEP course equivalents, and also keep all the certificates and score-sheets handy. These will prove to be very helpful when you decide to enroll into a flexible college yourself. There are also Credit Bank services offered by several colleges, as a way to officially document your college-level credits prior to college enrollment.

So, no matter what your needs are, the flexible college degree can be customized to your individual circumstances.

 Are you already studying for college but looking for an alternative approach? Or are you working but still do not have a college degree? Or perhaps you are working and looking for a second Bachelor’s degree. Do you have an Associate degree and looking to complete a Bachelor’s degree?

For all these circumstances and more, flexible colleges can get you to your accredited college degree completion, much faster and for less money out of your pockets!

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