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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Posted at 9:30 AM on May, 31 2017



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Do you want to complete your college degree quickly and affordably?
Does the thought of student loans deter you from pursuing the college degree of your dreams?


If you answered yes to atleast one of the above questions, then this Quick Start Guide will help you get started right away.


Like most students, if you are concerned about your college education, do not despair! I have very good news for you!


My name is Padma Subramanian. Like you, I have gone through the travails to get a good college education. My frustrations led me to look for quality guidance to get a reputed college degree at the lowest cost. Most guidance I got was from well-meaning folks with no actual experience. Their guidance was either academic or just involved cosmetic changes to the traditional college. Both of which did not accomplish the goal of reducing the cost of college.        


All this changed when I found Flexible Colleges. These are colleges in the US that have been in continuous operation for decades, but are hardly known to the average student. These colleges offer tremendous flexibility to design your degree program to suit your needs. For example you could use your skills to get college credits and make it count toward your degree. Good luck trying that with a traditional college! 


With my approach students have completed college degree in as little as 2 years with ZERO student loans. You can too!


Start by signing-up for the Quick start guide that has everything you need to take the first few critical steps to begin your affordable and flexible college degree. It starts with describing the key advantages of all flexible colleges and lists the different ways to earn college credits.


This guide also has detailed description of each of the Big-3 flexible colleges. This is followed by a list of pre-requisites before you start your flexible college degree. This list will greatly enhance your benefit from completing your degree by helping you setup a strong footing for your career ahead

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