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Do you have a special kind of inner-strength?

even if everyone else thinks otherwise?

Posted at 9:30 AM on March, 28 2017



Take Action and Start Your Flexible College Degree


For many of us, life can be either a whole lot easier, or just a lot of grunt work! Many of us automatically assume that good results come only after we work very hard and make many sacrifices along the way. We cannot particularly blame anyone for our thinking; this is how we are taught to think by most of our schools and traditional colleges. But one simple change in your college perspective can make it smooth sailing and worry-free, atleast to a very large extent. So let me ask you this important question, do you have the special kind of inner strength to make smart life decisions, even if everyone else thinks otherwise? Here I’m referring to your approach to college, can you take a totally innovative and flexible approach to your college studies? This will require you to break free of many fixed ideas you have built up about college over the years, things which were fed to you by parents, relatives, friends, schooling and the media.

Many years ago, out of sheer frustration, helplessness and almost by accident, I came across a few flexible colleges in NY and NJ. These colleges proclaimed that I could transfer a majority of my multiple previous college credits to their degree program. This was a huge plus for me at the time, I had completed so much learning after my school years and yet I did not have a college degree in hand. My friends and family used to constantly ridicule me for not completing college, and I so badly wanted to start a career and settle down in life!

I was actually the more intelligent and bold one in my family, but for some strange reason, this turned out to be disadvantageous, as the rest of them did not want me stealing their limelight, if at all they had any! So I was very much on my own for college, I was just occasionally handed a few dimes and nickels for my studies, just so I wouldn’t become a burden on the rest of them! I did manage to undertake many inexpensive, unaccredited and advanced college-level courses and i enjoyed them thoroughly. But I still needed that coveted college degree to help me prove my capability to the world around me!

By simply not settling for the status-quo which my family had planned for me, and by not settling for the restrictions inherent in a traditional college education, I overcame this challenge with a reputed college degree in technology, and with zero student loans. Of course, I sincerely hope you have a much more loving family where your parents and siblings are really supportive of your aspirations. I’ve been noticing that even with loving families, many adults and students struggle to complete college, especially since the college tuition in the United States has become so prohibitively expensive! Many end up with decades of student loan repayments, malnourishment during their college years due to lack of money, and many other hardships due to the high cost of college.

Here are a few eye-openers about a Smart/ Flexible College Degree:

  • College is now very affordable and it is inexpensive to accumulate college credits. An accredited 4-year US Bachelor’s degree can be completed for as low as $10K in college tuition if you live in the US, or even less than $5K if you live in one of the developing nations 
  • You can shorten the time for degree completion or schedule your college studies so the rest of your life does not go on hold during those college years
  • Believe me, there is no student loan required! Scholarships and financial aid is ok, but you can easily complete college even without any form of financial aid if needed
  • You can travel the world while studying for college, or live just about anywhere you like while completing college

 Now here’s the catch (just kidding!), these are some things you need to do to get you to the end goal of your college degree:  

  • Forget about the crowd-thinking and think outside-the-box, and see through the pitfalls of the traditional education system in USA
  • Be an independent learner. To be successful, you need to take charge of your studies and learn on your own. Wherever you need additional help, you must be motivated enough to seek out outside help from libraries, online professors and your flexible college
  • Signup with a flexible college, for more information, checkout our free guide or our CollegeOnomics eBook
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I can guarantee you, the college degree you complete through a flexible college will be atleast as reputed as a college degree in a traditional college, in many cases, the flexible colleges carry a much greater reputation. This also means that career prospects will be very bright after completing such a college degree. In fact, many students who complete their degree via flexible colleges report that they are much better prepared for a career and life ahead than traditional college students. This is mainly because flexible colleges carefully guide students to take greater control of their college education. This in turn makes students much more capable of handling things much more independently and effectively! Also, many prospective employers at interviews I attended were in awe of my accomplishment when I mentioned my degree! They will certainly do the same for you; employers are always looking for determined and talented individuals who can accomplish important tasks without a lot of hand-holding!

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