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Posted at 6:00 AM on August, 8 2018


For years I've been wondering how to get the information out there about minimizing college expenses towards completing an accredited and marketable US college degree! Then I got lost in the hustle and bustle of working fulltime in the IT industry! You see, apart from EDUCATION, the one other strong passion I have is for, you guessed it, TECHNOLOGY! Technology that can transform people’s lives for the better!

Then ofcourse, I also got caught up in building my family, kids, pets and all those amazing things that everyone needs in their lives! It’s great to have all of that, but you know what, if I can somehow combine my passion for education with my passion for technology, that will be my biggest dream accomplished!

For some of you that know a little about me, getting a college education was quite a struggle for me! Not due to the learning part, I had that covered! The finance and money part of it was the most daunting. Well to be absolutely frank, there was another struggle in there too! My family before I found my dream guy, who is by the way so supportive, so pushing me forward to make it in this world (sometimes a little too pushy), but Hey, I LOVE HIM FOR IT! Digressing no further, you see my family pre-marriage, the one I was so-to-say born-into was not particularly supportive of my college or higher education. So I had to start working very early on, find all the low-cost and penny-wise education/ courses I could find, while all the time working fulltime!

Then I found Excelsior college and my dream of a college education came true! Excelsior could take all my learning from so many college level courses in science, engineering, humanities and add in my amazing work experience towards the completion of my BS in Computer Information Systems! But of course that was years ago! Years in which I built an IT and Technology career from scratch, moving from a novice just out of high school to a real hard-core TECHIE making friends with machines and data, I did it all!

But this thought in the back of mind was always lingering! Yes I’m in Technology, I get to learn exciting things and the pay is not too bad either! But other than that, what am I doing to better serve the world? What are some critical issues I can solve in the world using my years of accumulated knowhow and experience? The charity part and loving furry animals everywhere, that’s all covered, to the best of my abilities of course. But what else can I uniquely offer the world to make things just a little bit easier for people. Voila, it’s my non-traditional higher education background and the strength and perseverance I’ve accumulated over the years in a very competitive and intellectually challenging-&-inspiring technology industry.

So my partner and I spoke with many many students across California. Many are in dire need of help, they have no way to keep up with the college expenses! Even the community college students are suffering with student loans, wasted time on unwanted and uninteresting college courses with no happy ending in sight! Then I thought, come on girl, it’s time to end this problem, just go out there and do what you’ve got to! So students just never need to take any loans for college, but can still complete college and have a beautiful loan-free career and life ahead! No more waiting to pay off the loans before buying that car or home or getting married, or having all those normal things that everyone as a human being needs and deserves!

Fast forward, 2018 and with the help of Gundi Gabrielle and the SassyZenGirls, and the cool platform called Amazon, I launched my book for the 1st time, a book which had been in the works for so many years! Now here I am, a professional author and writer and I’m loving every minute of it! Entrepreneur, Author, Writer, Marketer, Home-maker, Technologist, it’s all starting to blend in nicely together! Once I get this amazing book into the hands of even more students and parents who desperately need it for affordable college, another milestone will be accomplished.

For more information on this book “College Shortcuts: An Express Undergraduate Degree with Zero Student Loans”, find it on Amazon  here! More about me, go to GoodReads, to reach out to me, come on over to my CollegeOnomics site, my Facebook  page and on Twitter

By the way, in case you’re wondering, I’ve got some cool FREE and discounted promotions going on with the book right NOW. See you there!

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