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How to get your college degree without breaking the bank 

Posted at 9:15 AM on February, 15 2016


In this digital age, there are numerous ways to get a college degree without going broke. The first step is to realize that there is a serious flaw in the higher education system. College fees are unreasonably high and do NOT take into account the income level of most families. There are also so many low quality and highly expensive colleges, that it almost makes a mockery of the whole higher education system. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is well known that The United States has the reputation of having some of the world’s leading colleges and universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford and more. For the fortunate few who are able to get into these top Universities and specifically students who get a full scholarship or grant, there is nothing that can equal this prestige. But these students represent only a very small fraction of the students at American colleges. Also, most families simply cannot afford to send their kids to a Harvard or Yale, it is just impossibly expensive. 

Student loans appear to come to the rescue, but unfortunately this often multiplies the problem. If you are able to receive a college scholarship or even a work-study plan, those may be alright in a number of cases. But please try your level best to NOT take any form of student loans. Student loans tend to chase innocent students for decades after completing college. Many students are forced to take the 1st menial job they can find, just so they can start paying off their student loans. Having a huge debt to pay is a really painful way to start one’s career life after college. 

But even if you are able to secure a full scholarship, please be very alert. Many colleges are eager to cash-in on the student’s scholarship money while increasing college enrollments. There have been many cases of students being encouraged by college counselors to take unwanted courses, so as to get all their scholarship money. In the end, it is only the student who pays a heavy price with wasted time and money. There are certainly some good colleges out there, but sadly, there are many more ruthless, profit-making colleges. Many of these colleges provide a very low-quality education for a high price tag. 

A blind trust in the college system can be very dangerous for the student, and we sincerely would like to save you from such calamities.  It makes one wonder “Is it even worth going to college?” If you can keep the cost of going to college low and the payoff much higher, then it definitely seems that college is worth it. 

A college degree is a requirement for most job openings. For the same job, managers tend to compensate a college graduate much better than a high school graduate. Even for future entrepreneurs, a college degree provides a certain level of societal recognition, unless you are Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs of course! There are also valuable skills you can gather while in college. Even if you plan to go into business and are considering a bank loan, the loan officer would want to know your educational qualification. 

So anyway you look at it, your odds of career success are greatly enhanced by having a college degree. But how do you go about getting one without breaking the bank or incurring huge student loans? 

Let me take you through a few ways to get a college degree with very little money. If you are a US citizen or resident, one of the 1st steps would be to apply for as much scholarship or grants as possible. For more information on college funding, visit the website of the US Department of Education ( Specifically go over all the types of grants available and check if you are eligible to apply for each type of grant. Next, go through the FAFSA website from the US Department of Education and educate yourself on the federal aid application process. Be sure to focus your attention on full college scholarship, or its ok to have it along with some work-study options. Take advantage of this benefit, learning everything there is to learn about the financial aid process can be a real life changer for you. 

Other than the governmental sites, there are also several free online resources on college financial aid. has free information on college funding. There are sports scholarships, minority scholarships for a vast section of people, along with many other types of scholarships. There are also several books on scholarships at and some of them having 4.5 to 5 star reviews by many readers. I generally tend to go for the kindle version for greater convenience and less cost. But you might prefer a paper book if you want to read it on paper rather than a device. 

In case you do not live in the US and you still want to earn a US college degree for very little money, this is certainly possible. For such international students, there is an online college that has made great headways with leading news media such as NYTimes and Huffington Post, and even the White house. This online university is called “University of the People” and it offers free college degrees. Students only pay about $100 for writing each of the exams, but the tuition is completely free. The university was started in 2009 and also received accreditation in 2014. At present, this institution awards Bachelor degrees in Business and in Computer Science. 

For cash-strapped students from developing nations, University of the People also has scholarships to cover the cost of the exams and the application fee. The university has so far had over 2500 students from 170 countries across the world. Also, there is no major video or audio streaming required, just a basic low-speed internet connection and a computer is sufficient for studying at this online university. The main drawback is that this university does not have regional accreditation. A typical accredited US college or university does have regional accreditation. 

Before you embark on a college degree journey, it is very important to know the different options available and the most optimal path to achieve your chosen objective. Our service aims to educate you on various options available. We also encourage you to perform your own research and make an educated decision. 

In the next several weeks, we look forward to releasing our 1st eBook which will provide in depth information on getting a low-cost and high-value college degree. You can live anywhere in the world and still be able to complete a US college degree for very little money. 

My best wishes to you for college! 

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