Postpone College And Still
Complete College Successfully

      As a Young High School Graduate, are you:

    Worried About Parents Forcing <br>You To Do College When<br>You’re Not Ready?

    Worried About Parents Forcing
You To Do College When
You’re Not Ready?

Unsure About What College Major <br> To Choose?<image>

Unsure About What College Major
To Choose?

Thinking To Postpone College <br> To Get A Job And Earn Money?

Thinking To Postpone College
To Get A Job And Earn Money?

    Or Wanting To Start a Business     and Do College At A Later Time?

    Or Wanting To Start a Business     and Do College At A Later Time?

Or Stuck With Other Life Priorities <br>And Want To Get Back To College<br>Some Other Time?

Or Stuck With Other Life Priorities
And Want To Get Back To College
Some Other Time?


Years ago, I did not have the money for college.

So I postponed college and instead found a job in something I was interested in.

Then years later, I was able to combine my old courses and work experience with additional learning to complete my 4 year bachelors degree from Excelsior College in New York.

What The Book Offers You

Benefits You Will Enjoy

1. Start When Ready

Start college whenever you're ready, there’s year-round admissions at degree completion colleges

4. Independence and Flexibility

Take months off from college and restart your courses when convenient without getting anyone’s approval. You get complete independence and flexibility at these colleges, and by using all the resources and tools we recommend.

2. Affordable Colleges

No need to worry about tuition fees, these colleges are affordable, and we will show you the most affordable courses and credit sources

5. 360 Degree View

With the College Shortcuts book, you get the 360 degree view of how to postpone college and then later on complete college in the shortest, cheapest and most flexible way possible.

3. Work While You Study

Work while you study, most students at these colleges are working adults over the age of 23 or more

Utilize Previous learning

Leverage all your previous learning with credits transfer and prior learning assessment to complete college in a fraction of the time.
“Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”
Simone De Beauvoir

Simone De Beauvoir

Here’s what you need to do to postpone college and complete it in the future

Get the College Shortcuts book and find every single shortcut, manuevour and strategy for a great college degree later on.
Using this learning, research the individual colleges and numerous credit sources and the respective costs.
Have a plan for how and when you can start your college degree and clearly communicate this to your parents, so everyone can stop worrying.
While you’re at it, share the College shortcuts book with your parents, so they know you’ve got college covered (even if you’re not actually ready for college at the moment!)

If you don’t take action right now, you could miss out on college entirely!

Or worse, you might end up following a much longer and harder path to college along with student loans, which is truly not advisable.

Save yourself the hassle and complete college whenever you’re ready.

You’ll find it so easy and affordable that you can pay for college so easily.

College Shortcuts

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