How To Make Money For College

There are many college students who are starved for cash and are constantly wondering how to make money for college. In several of my earlier posts, I’ve talked about ways to reduce college costs drastically. Now in this one, I would like to share with you a unique way of making money for a college student. Many years ago, Kyle was desperately in need of money as a college student. That’s when he met another classmate who shared with him details of how he makes money right from his computer on an almost daily basis. That is when Kyle first started affiliate marketing and today he owns and runs a multi-million dollar online enterprise along with his friend Carson. I am able to share this with you as I am a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and these are some details Kyle shared with all our members a  few days ago.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a vibrant community of about 1.5 million people from all over the world which was founded by Kyle and Carson from Canada. Just type in your favorite browser and you will immediately see a very active community portal.

There is a core training for all members which gradually equips us towards earning affiliate income. There is also an insane amount of other training, courses and live events from members of the community that its almost unbelievable.

Anyone who is a sincere worker and a member of wealthy affiliate is currently making substantial income online. There are so many features in this platform which make it something extraordinary!

And the best part is that the cost for the membership is kept low enough for people to join. There is also a starter membership which is absolutely free which provides a set of basic features including the option to host two free websites within Wealthy affiliate.

My Story

I am a mom and used to be a software engineer working in Silicon Valley for the last 2 decades. But I was always on the lookout for a way by which I could be more financially independent and have more control over my time.

Being a software engineer definitely helped me to make good money but it was always at the cost of losing time. Time which I always wished I could spend with my family while I made an income online. Now finally I’ve reached a point where this is possible especially since I joined the Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium Features of WA

The Free starter membership provides a basic chat facility, 2 free websites for hosting on the WA platform and the first level of Affiliate training courses. But by going Premium which is a paid monthly subscription, there are many more features such as hundred websites that can be hosted on the platform, much more community support and interaction, the complete set of training courses, unlimited technical support, live events and much more.

Not only that but as a Premium member, there are ways within WA to earn cash credits which can be used for paying the monthly subscription.

Going Yearly

The Black Friday offer was at a 53% discounted yearly price for the premium membership. There were 4 bonuses including Kyle’s whitepaper on latest online strategies, 5 weeks of live training, access to beta features and more. Also, yearly members are locked-in at the same discounted rate perpetually for the entire lifetime of their WA membership.

For those who missed the Black Friday deal, the regularly yearly membership is just $60 higher and is still a great buy.


There are many college students who are currently earning an affiliate income at Wealthy Affiliate. I know this because I interact with many such WA members myself every single day. Joining WA will only ease the pain of college costs further. So by enrolling in a flexible and affordable college and then by signing up to Wealthy Affiliate, your college expenses will be covered all the way.

All you need to do is to follow the easy-to-follow training in WA at your own pace and success is guaranteed. This is how to make money for college, a simple way to cover your college expenses while becoming an online entrepreneur.

If you have just a few minutes, go ahead and signup to Wealthy Affiliate, it’s totally free to signup. I know for sure you will not regret it!

Once you signup, you might start getting excited with the type of community interaction. Then if you think being a Premium member is totally worth it, that’s great too.

Or if you like, just start with a free starter membership and see for yourself if this is right for making your college money fast!

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