How To Get Your US College Degree From Another Country

There are many advantages to having a US college degree, especially for working abroad and for unlimited career opportunities. Years ago, I completed my US bachelors degree while living in India and in Qatar. I finally moved to the US for my final graduation for this 4 yr US college degree.

To complete a US college degree while living in another country, the following steps are required:

  1. Apply for admission into one of the US-based degree completion colleges. The top list of US degree completion college can be found here.
  2. Upon acceptance into the college, review the degree credit/ course requirements for your chosen degree. This will help you to understand how your previous learning can meet some of your degree credit requirements, so you can accordingly prepare your prior-learning documents for an evaluation.
  3. Pay the enrollment or initial admission-related fees to your US college.
  4. Submit all your previous college-level courses and certificates for a foreign-credential evaluation. Choose an evaluator who is recommended by your US college and have them directly send the evaluation report to your college.
  5. Wait for your initial evaluation and student transcript from the US college. This will show a list of your previous courses and learning that meet the US degree credit requirements. The score and grades for each subject or credit requirement will also be listed in your initial transcript.
  6. Next, email your college student advisor and setup a phone call or appointment to chart out your degree completion plan/ roadmap. Ask the advisor any questions about the cost, duration and ease of completing various courses and evaluations.

Almost 99.99% of people do not know that it is possible to study in India to get a US college degree without a US student visa and without spending much money. After this, you can easily apply for jobs in India and abroad for amazing career opportunities. It is also a great route for getting a job in the US, Canada or Europe or in large multinational companies in India.

How do I know all this? Well, that is exactly what I did myself. After my high school in Chennai, India, I was having a hard time getting into an engineering college in India. My parents were totally unsupportive and did not want to waste their money educating me much after my schooling.

They were more supportive when it came to educating my brother. Chennai (or even TN state) is also well known for subjecting all the bright students to a rigorous caste-based quota system and that too failed me miserably as a brahmin girl.

So what did I do to escape this predicament? All I wanted to do was to become an engineer. My parents literally forced me into joining some dinky college in the city outskirts for a BSc in Physics. And added to this was the fact that I had to spend about 5 hours every day just for commuting to and from the college to home.

All I found in that college was rote learning and memorization and out of sheer frustration and physical exhaustion, I dropped out of the college after a few months.

Then through a family friend, I signed up for AMIE courses and registered for AMIE exams. AMIE is known in India as the poor man’s engineering degree but has a good reputation for academic rigor and engineering skills. My parents were only interested in getting me to finish some basic degree so they could get me married off. But I put up a strong fight and firmly told them that I will do AMIE and do whatever it takes to become an engineer.

The AMIE tuition classes were quite cheap and so I was able to get my parents to pay for them. I passed several AMIE exams but still got stuck with a few papers which I failed. This was initially very shocking for me as I had always been a bright student. I guess I just did not have enough guidance for those failed papers but my parents were quick to blame me and to consider me stupid. They were also perfectly happy to send my brother to a fancy engineering college in Bangalore and to cover all his expenses with a loan which they repaid. They even got him a bike for college though I could hardly afford to pay my paltry course fees.

I also managed to take many small courses in computer software at a low-cost computer institute. These small courses added up finally to a 1 year diploma in computer programming. Later on, I also completed a correspondence 1-sitting BA degree in Mathematics from Osmania university.

By then I knew I had completed a lot of college-level learning but still did not have an engineering degree. My parents eventually moved to the middle east for a new job my father had taken and I went along with them.

After a huge struggle convincing prospective employers, many of whom thought I was insane for wanting a job as a programmer after being a college dropout, I landed an expenses paid trainee position at a software firm. I was later promoted as a full-time programmer after several months.

By now I knew I had completed a lot of learning but still did not have an engineering or computer science degree. That’s when I visited the US consulate in Doha, Qatar and the student counselor helped me to locate a few colleges who could transfer my foreign courses from AMIE and the BA for US equivalent college credits.

I subsequently wrote many more exams such as CLEP and UExcel and finally graduated with a 4 year degree in Computer Information Systems from Excelsior college in Albany, NY. All of this time I had been living in India and then for a few years in Qatar though I was enrolled in Regents (Excelsior) college in New York as an adult student.

There are several colleges similar to Excelsior college which are known as accelerated degree completion colleges. These colleges basically help adult students to put together all their learning from other US colleges, various foreign courses and exams and evaluate them for completing an accredited US college degree.

Since I did not have to physically travel to the US for the duration of my enrolment, my college expenses were limited to the annual enrolment and student advising fees, and related course and exam fees. So even without any further financial help for college from my parents, I was able to pay for the US college degree from my salary as a computer programmer.

I later returned to India and I was still able to pay for my US college from my salary in India. If I had not gone to Qatar, I would have probably gotten a student loan by myself since I was already employed.

As noted in many of my prior blog posts, I’ve since worked in many leading companies in the US as a software engineer. After many interesting years as a software engineer in the US, I’ve moved on and become an entrepreneur, professional blogger and author, though I still love coding and software development.

This is just how easy it is for anyone in India or abroad to complete an affordable and very inexpensive US college degree. Having a US college degree can open many doors to a strong future career.

Many people spend between 20 to 40 lakhs (in Indian Rupees) travelling to the US for their US college degree. Instead, by following this approach, you or your child can easily complete a US college degree from India for as little as about 5 lakhs spread out over a period of 1 to 4 years.

I was initially full of anger for my parents and took this girl thing very personally. I knew that it was my being a girl that made them hand out such different education experiences to me compared to my brother. I was even considering starting something specifically for the sole benefit of girl children.

But since then, I’ve been married to an amazing person and I’ve also worked with many men colleagues and enjoyed a great and lucrative software career, at least for the most part! And college is a universal problem for everyone, no matter girl or boy, Indian or American, European, African or Asian.

College is currently an universal problem for all of humanity and this is a great way for any student anywhere in the world to combine all their global college learning towards a much-sought-after US college degree. Peace, success and love to you all!



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