College Shortcuts

Complete your US College Bachelor’s degree from anywhere in the world, all while spending less than $10,000 and in half the time.

Are you overwhelmed by the increasing cost of college? Do you get stressed out thinking about borrowing so much money in student loans?

This entire problem with college costs (and more!) is completely solved with a clear step-by-step approach in: College Shortcuts: An Express Undergraduate Degree with Zero Student Loans.

Several years ago, Padma completed her Bachelor’s degree in New York for a total cost of well under $5,000. Since then, she has researched hundreds of colleges across the United States to formulate a simple, step-by-step approach to affordable college. And to add to that, she lived in many countries such as Qatar, India and the US while studying at the flexible US college.

This book is written for everyone who is keen on completing a college degree with little saved up money! People from many walks of life including high school graduates, existing college students, working or non-working adults and will find tremendous value in this book for graduating college quickly and for less dollars!

This book will teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to go from no degree to college graduate – and -for a fraction of the time and money!

For the many who want to complete college the easy and worry-free way and enjoy lives of financial prosperity — download College Shortcuts: An Express Undergraduate Degree with Zero Student Loans today.

Important areas that will be covered include:

– Extensive review and Research on the most affordable and flexible colleges in the United States

– Many Low-cost and Easy ways to obtain college credits that are directly accepted for transfer at these affordable colleges

– Identifying your College Major and Customizing your College Curriculum to match your unique strengths, interests and job prospects

– Managing your finances for an  Easy and Successful Completion of your Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree