College Shortcuts eBook

Updated for 2021

Explore college myths and find innumerable ways to complete a US college degree for a greatly reduced cost and in a fraction of the time.

This book will teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to go from no degree to college graduate - and -for a fraction of the time and money!

What Will You Get From This Book?

Explore college myths and find innumerable ways to complete a US college degree
for a greatly reduced cost and in a fraction of the time

US Higher Education

Understand the main loopholes in the US higher education system

College Major

Choose the right college major by determining your inherent strengths and then combining those with the right career opportunities

Most affordable colleges

Choose from a list of recommended colleges and reviews for the most affordable US college degree

College Credits

Locate innumerable ways to earn college credits quickly and for a greatly reduced cost

Cost savings

Find even more cost saving options for successfully completing college with NO student loans

Student Community

Reach out to a community of affordable US college innovators and get your additional questions answered




Affordable Colleges


Inexpensive Credit Options



Who This Book Is For?

This book is written for everyone who is keen on completing a college degree with little saved up, pocket money! People from many walks of life will find tremendous value in this book for graduating college quickly and for less dollars.

High School Graduates

High school graduates with a few advanced courses or tests will be able to afford college easily.

Community College Students

Community college students can transfer their previous college credits and quickly complete their bachelors degree.


Veterans can greatly benefit from these flexible, degree completion colleges to graduate college early and be gainfully employed.


Homeschoolers will will be able to use a variety of ways to earn college credits online, in classrooms or via tests to complete an affordable college degree.

Working Professionals

In addition to transferring prior college credits, working professionals can apply their work experience toward their college degree for faster graduation.

Stay-at-home Parents/ Adults

In spite of a hectic family schedule, parents and adults will be able to tweak their college study schedules around their free times.

College Dropouts

These programs will enable college dropouts to utilize all their previous college learning for a faster degree completion for a greatly reduced cost.

Book Preview

College Shortcuts


The author does a nice job of educating about the affordability and flexibility of several colleges! Refreshing view on how to reevaluate the potential cost of college and offer saving tips!
Cara Bramlett

Cara Bramlett

She also reveals many shortcuts to make your higher education process more flexible and I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to complete their accreditation.
Glenn Lapoint

Glenn Lapoint

Informative, I can honestly say I learned something new from this book, I've bookmarked almost every link, as they were helpful and aligned with the subject matter. Thank you.

Monique Louise Sparks

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