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High College Tuition Costs Are Having Negative Effects on Adult Students

42% of Adult Students Have Student Loans
There is a 1.7 trillion dollars of student loan debt and 2 of every 5 Americans has student loans to pay for 10 years, or 20 years, or even 30 years after college graduation.
Delaying Marriage Until Student Loans Are Paid Off
Millions of Americans are delaying getting married until a considerable portion of their student loans are paid off. Only after the loans are largely paid off, couples start to save money for their wedding.
Difficulty Buying A Home
Saddled with thousands of dollars in student loan debt, its impossible to set aside money for the down payment and the monthly mortgage payments for a home.
No College Degree Puts Career on Hold
For those who give up on college altogether, their job prospects and career lead them to dead end jobs that barely make ends meet!
Struggling to Meet Living Expenses
Adult Students with family or kids are struggling to meet the living expenses to care for their family. Since college scholarships only cover tuition, they are forced to take low-paying, odd jobs that keep them in a vicious cycle of debt and always short on time.
Rising College Costs Are Forcing Students To Drop Out
Many students take up more work to pay for the rising college expenses. The additional work takes valuable time away from studying which further delays college and thereby increases college expenses. When the situation becomes totally frustrating, most students simply drop out of college.

There is a way out


Degree completion colleges allow you to transfer in most of your previous college learning and even your work experience almost free of cost. This will in turn save you thousands of dollars in college tuition, not to mention the years of time saved by re-utilizing your previous courses and learning. Finish the rest of your college credits by taking low cost exams and online courses at your own pace.

Our Strategy


Choose and compare from the best degree completion collegesFind an in-demand college major that clearly matches your strengths Learn the most cost effective ways to quickly complete your US college degree. UP-TO-DATE and STEP-by-STEP.

build your success framework

Create your mentor network to guide you toward success.

choose from 25+ credit sources

Mix-n-match your courses from the best, student-recommended and affordable college credit providers.

follow a proven, step-by-step degree plan

Choose a degree plan with step-by-step courses and exams for earning 120+ credits for a US bachelors degree.

Personal Experience: Years In The Making

Years ago, when I chose my degree completion program, I quickly learnt there are many things that can go wrong resulting in wasted time, effort and increased college expenses. These are all things which the colleges themselves are unable to protect students from, as they haven't really walked the exact road side-by-side with the students. But there are ways to avoid the many pitfalls and shortcut the degree completion process, in ways that only someone who has tried, tested and researched thoroughly can shed light on.

Graduating college is easy.

If you know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Just learn from our step-by-step process and then tweak it to fit your needs.

Bachelors degree in 2 years

Accelerate degree completion time 200% by leveraging all your previous learning and experience

Exams and Credits Transfer

Write exams and earn college credits in a few weeks and transfer in all previous credits instantly

Work Experience for credits

Your work experience can qualify for college credits if it matches the degree curriculum

Career Growth and Income Rising

College graduation is an important milestone in your life, that will move your career forward with higher paying jobs .

Celebrate Graduation

Celebrate Graduation

This is your new beginning, go celebrate with family and friends

Bachelors Degree Plus

Bachelors Degree Plus

A Bachelors degree helps you stand out, and paves the way for a Masters

Get That Dream Job

Get That Dream Job

Proudly pay for your family's needs, your best job is coming up ahead!

Hi! I'm Padma

Years ago, as a teenager, I could not complete my 4 year bachelors degree since I didn't have the money. That's when I found Excelsior college in Albany, NY. Excelsior was able to transfer all my previous college credits and I completed a portfolio assessment for evaluating my work experience for college credits. But I also wasted valuable time and money taking some unwanted courses and the degree completion could have been much less of a struggle if I just had the right guidance. So that's exactly what I want to do for you. I want to give you all the step-by-step details to get you to your US college graduation in the shortest time and for the least money spent on college!

Six Powerful Reasons Why You Need This eBook

Uncover Affordability

5% of US and worldwide residents realize that a good college degree can be totally affordable. This is a secret that only a lucky few have the opportunity to learn about.

Smart Student Network

There are thousands of students since the late 60's and early 70's who have completed a flexible, affordable college degree. Be inspired and be one of them.

Easy, Online Courses

There are so many easy, online college courses which you've never heard of before. Most of them are unknown even to most degree completion students. It's all laid out for you in this book.

Choose Flexible College/s

There are over 27 flexible colleges in the US spread out across various US states. Finding the right one for you can transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

No Student Loans

Once you follow our recommended approach, you will never have the slightest need to take student loans, but you'll still graduate college on time.

Faster Graduation

The colleges provide the pathway, we provide the knowhow and guidance for you to reach your goal quicker, easier and more affordably.

What Others Say About This eBook

I thought this book was absolutely informative and wish I had used it in my school years. She covers so many ways to reduce the high cost of education in the U.S.
Glenn Lapoint

Glenn Lapoint

Informative, I can honestly say I learned something new from this book, I've bookmarked almost every link, as they were helpful and aligned with the subject matter. Thank you

Monique Louise Sparks

The author does a nice job of educating about the affordability and flexibility of several colleges! Refreshing view on how to reevaluate the potential cost of college and offer saving tips!
Cara Bramlett

Cara Bramlett


College is a Lifetime Achievement!

Don't miss this a once in a lifetime achievement of college graduation. Get the knowhow to an affordable and timely US bachelors degree.

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Bonus 2: Chapter on Job Search and Interviewing

Bonus 1: Two Year Degree Completion Checklist


The Complete College Solution

Review Colleges in Many US States
We provide you a carefully selected list of 17 degree completion colleges and ways to find more such colleges right where you live
Custom Degree Plans for Popular Majors
We've handpicked credit-by-credit degree plans for most popular majors in Business, Healthcare, Technology and Liberal Arts
33 Lowcost College Course Providers
The courses are of all formats, fulltime courses, online courses, distance courses and standardized tests, for a fraction of the cost
Bonus Checklist and Interview Tips
We have you covered all the way with an affordable and high-quality degree, right to when you find your ideal job

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Though we'll give you the knowhow and steps you can easily implement, it's up to you to take action from the start-to-finish of your college bachelors degree. The results will come only when you put in the work and proactively work toward checking off all the actions in your degree plan. Though it's much easier, a degree completion program is much different from a regular fulltime college, so your ability to work and study independently is what will get you to graduation.

degree: Affordable and accelerated

But this is no reason to give up and not take action toward completing college

A college degree will bring many opportunities your way to positively impact all aspects of your life and build you a strong financial future. Just think of all the things you can achieve once you get this eBook.

celebrate College Graduation

respect and recognition among family and peers

Good career and a bigger salary

buy a home, get expensive car and much more

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