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A Little About Padma

I’ve lived in California for about 20 yrs, am married to an amazing person who is also my soulmate, and we have a lovely daughter and a dog and cat. I’m also a software developer and website content creator, both of which are my passion.

After moving to Chennai, India several years ago, I’ve been enjoying spending time with my family and am often seen feeding stray animals, cows, dogs and cats.

A Little Story About My College Experience

Years ago as a teenager just out of high school, I was financially struggling to complete my 4 year college degree. Though I had scored very well in high school, a good 4 yr college degree seemed totally out of my reach! Some friends of mine helped me with finding low-cost courses in computer science and I also started taking some engineering courses by distance.

After my year-long computer software course, I luckily found myself an expenses-paid trainee position in a software company. After quite a few challenges and a lot of hard work, I was hired as a C Programmer at this software company. After this I was desperately looking for a way to complete my 4 yr college degree.

Though I had a job, I knew that I needed to quickly complete college if I wanted to change jobs later on or for getting any form of promotion at this company. Around this time, I came across a few colleges that would transfer and evaluate all my college-level learning and even my work experience toward a 4 yr degree in Computer Science.

I graduated from Regents college (now known as Excelsior college) in 1999. Since then I’ve had a lucrative career as a software engineer and have worked in many leading corporations in the US.

For many years I’ve been wondering how to share my experience with others to help them complete their affordable college degree. To this end, I’ve also been thoroughly researching many colleges, courses, modes of learning and processes for completing a 4 yr college degree in the present times.

This website is a result of this endeavor!

My Books on College and Career

Here are my 2 published books:

1) College Shortcuts: An Express Undergraduate Degree with Zero Student Loans

2) Job Search in Software Development

Here’s What I Found About The College Scenario

I’ve spoken with many students across the US to learn about their current challenges and experiences with college. I’ve also widely researched the state of higher education through numerous books, blogs and just by talking with many people.

Here’s what I found:

  • Most students are struggling financially to pay for college
  • Students are receiving very little guidance for completing their college degree in a timely manner
  • For some, their scholarships have certain limitations and restrictions that are ruining their lifestyle and quality of life
  • For others, their student loans are rapidly piling up and just waiting to catch them by their collars upon college graduation
  • Still others are enrolling in college and taking out student loans but are later forced to drop out of college. Dropping out does not relieve students of their previous student loans even if they never completed college
  • Students are also forced to take many mandatory courses that do not interest them. This in turn increases the time spent in college and that again increases the amount of the student loans
  • There is very little room for students to pursue their interests and to study things that interest them while they are actively enrolled in college

My Goal at CollegeOnomics

These are my top goals at CollegeOnomics:

1. To make a US college degree affordable for all students
2. To provide resources and information for faster completion of your college degree
3. To provide more flexibility and options for your college degree and credit sources
4. To ensure that you never, ever have to take any student loans
5. To enable you to utilize your strengths toward your college degree
6. To set you up with the foundation for a successful career

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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